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636 - Compact Rider Air Sweeper

Outsmart dust and debris with the versatile 636HS air sweeper.

Let your public space speak for itself. The 636 makes a positive impression in congested city centre spaces, parking areas, or any outdoor area where a professional sweeping job is required.

636 - Compact Rider Air Sweeper - Outsmart Dust & Debris

  • Set operators at ease with all-around visibility and ergonomic controls

  • Sweep with exceptional dust control, while using 70% less water than traditional street sweepers with CloudMaker™ dust control technology

  • Stand up to the elements with stainless steel, non-corroding materials, and other high quality components.

  • Arrive at the job quickly and safely thanks to the 636 air sweeper’s:

    • Speedy 20 mph (32 km/h) transport capabilities

    • Stabilizing Vari-track™ extendable front track

    • Smart transmission with 4-wheel drive for 4-wheel braking

  • Avoid disrupting nearby residents, shoppers, visitors, or students while sweeping with the compact, people-friendly 636.

Key Reliability & Performance Features

  • Maintain a healthy environment with CloudMaker technology and 3-stage dust filtration

  • Make routine maintenance and service quick and easy with complete access to all major systems

  • Experience a car-quality ride with 4-wheel drive and fully-independent suspension

  • Simplify operation and troubleshooting with built-in systems monitoring, featuring an LCD screen that provides real-time information to operator and mechanic

Optional 636 Sweeper Equipment

  • Air Conditioning

  • Color TV Reverse Camera

  • Pressure Washer

  • Central Greasing
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